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I love Supernatural, it's characters, and the actors who portray them. My favorite things are brotherly love, hurt!dean, evil characters, and the ridiculously awesome cast. This blog is 94% Supernatural-related. The other 6% belongs to Sherlock.

"A person does not have to star in movies, become a politician, or go to war to be a hero. They can simply say they do not like pie when they see there is not enough to go around."

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So, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…






He considered himself to be a Spiritualist, and believed in the supernatural.

On his gravestone, it is written that he was a, “man of letters”.

Supernatural fans, I think we all know what this means.






(Source: mayangelsfall)

Speaking of Gabriel...

Richard Speight Jr: But Robbie wrote the piece – the piece was really written to bring the character back. That’s how it’s structured. And here’s what he sprinkled into the scene to indicate that. When Gabriel clicks out, once he’s busted, if it was Metatron running it, there’s no reason for Gabriel to snap in and out.
Interviewer: (lightbulb moment slowly dawning…) That’s true, he would’ve just been gone…
R: He would’ve just been gone, yeah. And the whole scene would’ve been gone and suddenly it would’ve been Metatron sitting there going ‘it was me, it wasn’t real’.
I: Right….
R: So Robbie’s theory is that actually Gabriel has been around, and that Metatron convinced him that this was the right way to go, and that he agreed to help convince Castiel. So I snap him in and out – like when the girl breaks the window and Castiel says, ‘you’re not really who you say you are’, I turn around and snap her out. So I’m still controlling what’s happening in that universe at that moment. Which is Robbie’s way and the show’s way of saying that Gabriel is still alive.

"Am I one of the show’s stars? Nope. A strong supporting character? Not even close. I appeared in a measly four episodes, playing first The Trickster who (spoiler alert!) later revealed himself to be the Archangel Gabriel. Four, total. On a show that has clocked over a hundred episodes and counting. Yet according to the web, I’ve so far been a featured guest at thirty-three conventions. That’s an unbalanced ratio that leads to an obvious question - Why?"
- Richard Speight Jr. has been in a grand total of four episodes. FOUR.