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I love Supernatural, it's characters, and the actors who portray them. My favorite things are brotherly love, hurt!dean, evil characters, and the ridiculously awesome cast. This blog is 93% Supernatural-related. The other 7% belongs to Sherlock.

"A person does not have to star in movies, become a politician, or go to war to be a hero. They can simply say they do not like pie when they see there is not enough to go around."

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"Yeah I know, you wouldn’t do the same for me."

The sound of Dean Winchester shattering my heart into tiny pieces.  (via snuggycas)

and the real kicker is sam not even correcting him

(via endversecas)

Jody Mills and the Momma Vamp recognizing loss of a child in each other

love it

oh hey, a Supernatural episode that passes the Bechtel test

Supernatural S9 E19 – Alex Annie Alexis Ann | CouchTuner Watch Online

I will now be watching and blogging… blacklist Supernatural if you need to. I’ll try and add the title as a tag as well, but goddamn that’s a long one 

also, the link works if you care to watch as well